[ELV 015]
Luiz Ferrari - Suriname

Ferrari's sound is a mix of minimal and tech-house. In this new release he's driving to a dancefloor, full of energy, ready for the summer sunshine!



[ELV 014]
DJ Sanchez - Don't Preach Me Now

Our next release is from Sanchez. "DON'T PREACH ME NOW" it’s a classic track ready rock any dance floor. Absolute vibes on this one. Listen now!

Released 02nd June 2020



[ELV 013]
VELTREK - Diamond

He's back on the label bringing another amazing track. "Diamond" brings a dancing groove and drive a vocal with tech stabs to keep the energy levels up, this is another top drawer piece of work from this very talented artist!



[ELV 012]
Lipous - Take A Shot

Over the last few years, Lipous has been able to firm in Ibiza with his song. In this new track he brings a warm bass line that leads the way inside our heads after a huge break.



[ELV 011]
Luiz Ferrari - Trickster

Luiz Ferrari lands in our label with his powerfull track "Trickster". The song is perfect to bring adrenaline into dancefloor. Check it out and download now!

Released 25th March 2019



[ELV 010]
Dj Sanchez - Time & Space

Hypnotized by striking arpeggios and traveling pads Dj Sanchez invites us into the progressive dimension of his new single "Time & Space".

Released 4th Feb 2020

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[ELV 009]
Dj Sanchez - Freed From Desire 2k20 (Ibiza Summer Mix)

Dj Sanchez back to Eleveh Records with his great remix from Gala. He brings a powerfull version of "Freed From Desire" to the dancefloor. Check it out!

Released 5th November 2019



[ELV 008]
Hippocoon - Power Of Rhythm

Hippocoon lands on Eleveh Records bringing the groove. Everything you need to work that main room floor with the maximum impact. Check it out and download now this essential track!

Released 26th Septemeber 2019



[ELV 007]
The Mudammads - Spectral

The Muhammads is back with another track. "Spectral" brings good percussion elements and a huge groove to the dancefloor. Check it out and download now!

Released 27th July 2019



[ELV 006]
The Muhammads - Get The Vibe

The Muhammads lands on Eleveh Records with their new track "Get The Vibe." The music is ideal to warm up the dance floor, bringing a modern swing to the clubbers.

Released 7th May 2019



[ELVH 005]
Fabio Araujo - Phoenix

Elevèh presents the new talent Fabio Araujo putting "Phoenix" to fly high. Demonstrating a fantastic array of sounds Fabio shows that your song loads up a bassline with filters for a more expansive hit, maintaining the tempo while allowing the vocal to live.

Released 9th April 2019



[ELV 004]
Lipous - Circus

Lipous brings his new single and as expected, it is a monster!
Packed with the Ibiza dance floor energy, the track contains acid elements and a powerfull groove that you'd need to play in a big sound system, perfect to keep the vibe up on the club. A triumphant return for one of the most exciting artists in the scene at the moment!

Released 19th March 2019



[ELV 003]
VELTREK - You Like

This time we are bringing VELTREK with his new single 'You Like' exploring the maximum power of tech-house dancefloor territory. The track comes as a purpose-built club anthem with its body-moving bassline and electrifying hands-in the-air moments. This song will become essential in your summer.

Released 5th March 2019



[ELVH 002]
Dj Sanchez - Talk About House

It was worth to wait Dj Sanchez to start to "Talk About House". The producer brings the groove and a lot of soul on top of a powerfull bassline. Its soul vocal gives this track quality, paired with upbeat classic trumpet riffs on top. This is a perfect house music to get the party started.

Released 19th Febreary 2019



[ELV 001]
Lipous - Inside Of Mind
including San Schwartz Remix

Without a question, we are starting the year in Ibiza with this great song, showing off the trickery of Lipous in the studio. 'Inside of Mind' is the track to warm up the dancefloor, creating the perfect atmosphere to reach the peak times on the club.

Released 23rd January 2019