[ELV 026]
Soder (Fr) - Rollanrock

Söder debuts on Eleveh Records with this fantastic track "RollanRock".The music they felt like to give a Cuban vibes with using some trumpet chords, a fairly sustained rhythm, and using some classic vocal, to regain the heat of the beach.



[ELV 025]
Lipous - Back And Forth

We've got one more release from the boss this year. Lipous "Back and Forth" exudes a classy energy with its thumping House groove and funky bass line. Check it out!!



[ELV 021]
Dj Sanchez - Yebisah

Dj Sanchez presents "Yebisah". The track is based on his love for the White Island. A tune that would help bring back some of that Balearic spirit. "Yebisah" is the song you need to hear this week, so listen below, and grab a copy now!



[ELV 023]
Lipous - Amnesia

Summer is just around the corner. Bringing the sound of Ibiza, Lipous presents his new track "Amnesia" diving between the rolling tech house beat, providing a dancefloor hit to shake your body at the party till the sunrising.



[ELV 022]
Lipous, Dj Sanchez - Get Funky

The boys are back with a brand new single. Turn it up loud! Lipous and Dj Sanchez are back on Elevèh Records with "Get Funky " It's a big comeback for 2021. We're starting the year in a BIIIG way!.



[ELV 021]
Dj Sanchez - Born Slippy (Ibiza Under Mix)

New music. They can try stop us dancing but they can’t stop the music. Dj Sanchez brings a awesome reinterpretation of the classic "Born Slippy". Listen now!



[ELV 020]
Steve RGA - OK!

What a song! Eleveh Records presents the talented Steve RGA who brings his authenticity in a sound directly to the dance floor. This release shows the perfect harmony between the elegant vocals and the dancing bass line.



[ELV 019]
LOTUSZ - Emotions

Lotus debuts on Eleven Records bringing his engaging music from Brazil. The music features an irresistibly deep bass line and wavy synthesizers harmonized with stabs vocals.



[ELV 018]
Jasmine Sihenne - Ijaru

The next release on the label is from Jasmine Sihenne. With her exquisite music taste she debuts giving one great song that will leave you speechless, showing all her excellence.



[ELV 017]
MALTA - Attention

Malta lands on Eleveh Records with its track "Attention". The music is a classic tech-house with a strong bass feel. The vocal follows the groove inspiring everybody on the dance floor.



[ELV 016]
VELTREK - I`m Deejay

Eleveh Records welcome back VELTREK. Combining groove with lead melodies he has grown to become a key member of the Eleveh family. Check this huge release!



[ELV 015]
Luiz Ferrari - Suriname

Ferrari's sound is a mix of minimal and tech-house. In this new release he's driving to a dancefloor, full of energy, ready for the summer sunshine!



[ELV 014]
DJ Sanchez - Don't Preach Me Now

Our next release is from Sanchez. "DON'T PREACH ME NOW" it’s a classic track ready rock any dance floor. Absolute vibes on this one. Listen now!

Released 02nd June 2020



[ELV 013]
VELTREK - Diamond

He's back on the label bringing another amazing track. "Diamond" brings a dancing groove and drive a vocal with tech stabs to keep the energy levels up, this is another top drawer piece of work from this very talented artist!



[ELV 012]
Lipous - Take A Shot

Over the last few years, Lipous has been able to firm in Ibiza with his song. In this new track he brings a warm bass line that leads the way inside our heads after a huge break.



[ELV 011]
Luiz Ferrari - Trickster

Luiz Ferrari lands in our label with his powerfull track "Trickster". The song is perfect to bring adrenaline into dancefloor. Check it out and download now!

Released 25th March 2019



[ELV 010]
Dj Sanchez - Time & Space

Hypnotized by striking arpeggios and traveling pads Dj Sanchez invites us into the progressive dimension of his new single "Time & Space".

Released 4th Feb 2020



[ELV 009]
Dj Sanchez - Freed From Desire 2k20 (Ibiza Summer Mix)

Dj Sanchez back to Eleveh Records with his great remix from Gala. He brings a powerfull version of "Freed From Desire" to the dancefloor. Check it out!

Released 5th November 2019



[ELV 008]
Hippocoon - Power Of Rhythm

Hippocoon lands on Eleveh Records bringing the groove. Everything you need to work that main room floor with the maximum impact. Check it out and download now this essential track!

Released 26th Septemeber 2019



[ELV 007]
The Mudammads - Spectral

The Muhammads is back with another track. "Spectral" brings good percussion elements and a huge groove to the dancefloor. Check it out and download now!

Released 27th July 2019



[ELV 006]
The Muhammads - Get The Vibe

The Muhammads lands on Eleveh Records with their new track "Get The Vibe." The music is ideal to warm up the dance floor, bringing a modern swing to the clubbers.

Released 7th May 2019



[ELVH 005]
Fabio Araujo - Phoenix

Elevèh presents the new talent Fabio Araujo putting "Phoenix" to fly high. Demonstrating a fantastic array of sounds Fabio shows that your song loads up a bassline with filters for a more expansive hit, maintaining the tempo while allowing the vocal to live.

Released 9th April 2019



[ELV 004]
Lipous - Circus

Lipous brings his new single and as expected, it is a monster!
Packed with the Ibiza dance floor energy, the track contains acid elements and a powerfull groove that you'd need to play in a big sound system, perfect to keep the vibe up on the club. A triumphant return for one of the most exciting artists in the scene at the moment!

Released 19th March 2019